Paul Jewell writes: I am very disappointed at the result. We were not playing great, but we battled away with a lot of hard work. Ipswich's substitutions and our two sendings off changed the game.

I don't blame the referee's decisions for us losing. It is nothing to do with that. The referee did not cost us the game, but his decisions will cost us two players for an important match.

I think the time must come for professional referees. There are some smashing referees, but there are too many bad ones who make the headlines. I spoke to the Ipswich staff after the match and they were embarrassed.

The referee will be at work today and he doesn't have to live with the consequences of having two key players suspended.

I watched the video when I got home from the match and I thought Eddie Youds was unfortunate with the first booking. You couldn't really see the second offence, but I don't see the point. It isn't as if it is a nasty foul or that he has stopped them from breaking through.

In fact, Eddie Youds tried to stop the referee from booking Ipswich striker James Scowcroft. I cannot believe Eddie has been booked never mind sent off. In Nigel Pepper's case, I thought there was no contact between him and the Ipswich player for his first booking.

Their first goal was the result of bad defending and we were at sixes and sevens for the second goal, but by that time we had had Pepper sent off and we were down to ten men and had gone a bit ragged.

There was bad marking on our part for the second goal, but Alex Mathie finished it well.

Pepper's first booking seemed to lift the crowd. Before that incident the crowd were flat, but from then on Ipswich were in the ascendancy.

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