Bulls chairman Chris Caisley has strongly rejected claims that he is hell bent on leading a breakaway of Super League clubs.

The split between Super League Europe, of which Caisley is also chairman, and the Rugby Football League came to a head over the weekend after Super League clubs - seeking more autonomy and the right to negotiate their own television deal - attempted unsuccessfully to remove RFL chairman Sir Rodney Walker from the International Board.

These events provoked a storm of criticism from Sir Rodney's supporters, with First and Second Division clubs spokesman Bob Scott claiming there was an insidious and sinister campaign being waged against the chairman.

But Caisley defended the decision to seek representation for his organisation on the International Board and added: "Nobody in SLE has ever talked about breakaway. The only people talking about it are Sir Rodney Walker, Neil Tunnicliffe (RFL acting chief executive) and Bob McDermott chairman of the First and Second Division Clubs' Association (FASDA).

"Breaking away from the rest of rugby league has never been on our agenda. Talking about it is on theirs because it suits their purposes."

In the latest development RFL chief Sir Rodney Walker today held out an olive branch in an effort to end the civil war.

He invited Super League officials to round-the-table talks with the RFL directors after Thursday's weekly board meeting at Red Hall.

"This is not about personalities," said Sir Rodney. "We want to try to settle this dispute with discussion and dialogue."

One of the casualties is the Bulls/Rams association. Part-ners Dewsbury pulled out following Friday's power struggle.

The Bulls have described Dewsbury's move as petulant but say they will continue their role in assisting grassroots development.

Ironically the Bulls are due to play Dewsbury in a pre-season friendly at Odsal on Sunday. They will also meet Batley with proceeds going to the Roger Simpson testimonial.

Meanwhile the Bulls are being strongly linked with Widnes' highly-rated teenage winger Danny Myler who is rated at £80,000.

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