Vandals have again attacked a village bowling green - only days after previous damage was repaired.

Players at Royd House Bowling Club in Wilsden said today they were devastated by the latest wrecking spree which saw three giant "crop circles" cut into the playing surface.

Club member Dorothy Bottomley said the green would now be un-playable for the rest of the season.

"It's absolutely mindless. I've never seen anything like it. We thought it was kids before but this can't have been. It must have been somebody strong, and more than one of them," she said. "They have cut three huge crop circles which cover about three-quarters of the green. They must have used a turf spade and they have cut the squares out and put them in a pile in between the crop circles. They've not just thrown it about. They've piled it very high. It must have taken hours."

The club had only just recovered from a previous attack at the end of last month.

Mrs Bottomley, whose husband David is club secretary, praised the efforts of Bradford Council in repairing the damage to the green in time for the new season, which started last week.

"It was in a lovely condition. The Council worked really hard on it but now the whole thing will have to be completely relaid," she said.

Inspector Alison Bennett, of Keighley police, described the vandalism as a mean and despicable attack.

"I can't really comprehend people who want to do that sort of thing because all it's going to do is ruin a season's bowling for the club and other people who play there," she said.

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