Elderly and disabled people who have to catch a bus to the nearest post box have launched a campaign to have one installed closer to their Bradford homes.

The group from Brentwood Gardens, Odsal, whose ages range from 59 to 92, say that for years they have either had to take a bus or endure a 15-minute half mile trek up a steep hill to reach a post box, or ask friends to mail their letters.

Now the campaigners - including people who use wheelchairs and walking frames - are demanding the Royal Mail puts a post box outside a launderette near their sheltered housing complex.

Spearheading the campaign is Gwen Collins, 62, who launched a petition after contacting ward councillor Dave Green. The petition bearing 115 signatures has been sent to the Royal Mail, who have promised to investigate the situation.

Mrs Collins said: "There was a post box here years ago but when it went it was never replaced.

"We desperately need one. We are all fed up with walking or asking people to take our letters for us.

"At the moment we have to get on a bus into Wibsey or Bankfoot Post Office, or face a 15-minute walk up a big hill to Smith Avenue."

Protester Brenda Scott, 74, said she takes the bus to post her mail but would like to see a box closer to her home. "It's frustrating," she said.

Pensioner Alice Gration said: "I have to ask my daughter to post my letters.

"A lot of elderly people live here and to put a box on a steep hill is stupid."

Mrs Gration said she liked to live independently and resented the idea of having to ask friends and family to post her mail.

Neighbour James Boulton, 82, has lived in the street for five years. He uses an electric wheelchair and walking sticks to get around.

"Many of us have to get friends or family to collect our letters, and if we could get a post box it would benefit us all," he said.

Mary Ann Simon, 74, who suffers from angina and diabetes, said: "I'm sure a post box wouldn't cost that much to install. A lot of us find it difficult to walk up a steep hill. I have to stop and catch my breath."

Doris Edmondson, 87, who has had a hip replacement, said it would boost the community to have a new post box.

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