Three people were taken to hospital after an accident involving potentially lethal chemicals.

Christian Rowbotham, 22, who helps run the Worth Healing Centre, Denholme, inadvertently mixed hydrochloric acid and grains of dry chlorine together to clean the swimming pool.

But the combination sent choking fumes through the ventilation system.

Mr Rowbotham and two brothers, Tom and Max Atkinson, were taken to hospital after inhaling some of the gas, but were later discharged.

Tom, 12, and Max, eight, of Denholme, returned to the centre - where their father works - after being treated in hospital.

Firefighters from Illingworth, Halifax, and Fairweather Green, wearing special protective suits, removed the drum of chemicals and allowed the reaction to continue under supervision.

Station commander Graham Dean said at the scene: "When the reaction went off they had trouble with their breathing. Chlorine gas was coming into the open air.

"It is extremely dangerous if inhaled in a large quantity.

"We took expert advice and took the drum out into the fresh air."

The remote centre, in Long Causeway, which uses orthodox and complementary treatments to help people with a wide range of complaints, had to be evacuated shortly after 3pm yesterday.

Only one patient was attending the centre at the time and was on their way out of the door after a healing session.

Mr Rowbotham said: "Luckily everyone seems to be OK.

"The two lads have been to hospital and are fine. I'm just starting to feel a little bit woozy."

He said that the containers full of chemicals had not been labelled properly and were easily confused.

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