Chairman Geoffrey Richmond today spoke enthusiastically of Bradford City's bright future in the wake of their youth team's magnificent 3-0 triumph over Leeds United in the Northern Inter-mediate League Cup final on Tuesday.

Richmond said: "We have a particularly good group of players in the second year of their YTS and three of the lads - Mark Bower, Paul Bolland and Daniel Verity - have accepted our offer of a professional contract for next season.

"The first year of YTS is another excellent group of players, and no doubt more professional contracts will be given at this time next year.

"We ended the first team match at Bury on Monday with four 18-year-olds - Bower, Bolland, Verity and Andrew O'Brien - on the pitch, all of them local lads and the future looks absolutely terrific.

"All this reflects great credit on our youth team manager Steve Smith."

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