Bulls chairman Chris Caisley says the club will not be pressing the panic button, despite a slump in form which has seen them win just two of their last eight games.

After defeats in their final four matches last term, they exited the Challenge Cup at the first hurdle at Castleford and slumped to a 26-6 defeat by deadly rivals Leeds Rhinos in their first home Super League game on Sunday.

But while having sympathy for the fans who helped give the club their best league crowd - 19,188 - for 40 years, Caisley says: "We will certainly not be panicking. There are obviously a few problems at the moment, but we have not become a bad side overnight.

"What is something of a concern is that we have now lost two games this season to sides who have played very aggressively, and that has been one of our strong points in the success over the past couple of seasons.

"But I feel we still have to believe in the players who won us 20 games in succession last season. They have not become bad players overnight.

"There is no doubt though that we need to win our next two games - at Sheffield on Friday and the following Sunday at Hull - to set things up again for the visit of St Helens."

And Caisley says the club are continually looking for ways of strengthening the squad.

"It is the unwillingness of other clubs to release players and not our lack of effort that has prevented us," he explained.

"We were close to signing one international from union, but his club had him under contract and stood in his way. The search will go on, but it's important that the present squad regain the form which made them such a force last season."

Meanwhile, it was confirmed today that the Bulls' Super League roadshow clash with London Broncos will be played in Edinburgh at the home of Hearts soccer club on Sunday, July 19.

Caisley believes the choice is a good one - for Bulls fans and the game as a whole. "Hearts are keen to make a big success of the day and to test the water for a potential application to form their own Super League club."

Sonny Nickle was today making a personal appearance before the disciplinary committee following his dismissal in Sunday's derby.

But having viewed the video again, League officials have decided to take no further action against Rhinos centre Richie Blackmore, who was sin-binned for his part in the incident.

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