Envelopes asking for £1 are to be delivered to every household in Cullingworth in a bid to raise up to £7,000 for urgent repairs to the village hall roof.

Already £2,000 has been raised from local businesses. Committee member Stella Ward, of Halifax Road, said: "There are 2000 houses in Cullingworth and if we could get £1 from each one it would be a tremendous boost. But with only four able bodied members we need help from volunteers.

"The roof is leaking in various places and beginning to sag in the middle. It's not too bad yet, but there are a lot of props and costumes in the loft belonging to Cullingworth Amateur Dramatic Society which need protecting.

"We are doing our level best to fund-raise but if the village does not support us the place will undoubtedly have to close."

Mrs Ward added: "The hall is very well used. The pensioners use it the most but people use it for parties and discos and the scouts have used it on occasions.

"We are a self-supporting group and the only income we have is what people pay in rent. It is hard fundraising because everybody is trying to raise money and it is not going down too well now."

She said the group did have some funds but they did not want to use all their reserves.

She said: "I certainly hope people will support us, whether they are not aware of the problem or whether they tend to bury their heads in the sand, I don't know.

"The roof is not going to blow off tomorrow but the repairs do need doing fairly soon."

The village hall dates back to 1971 and is home to many local groups, including a play group, keep fit, line dancers, parish council and drama groups.

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