People across the district are being encouraged to step out and cut down pollution to ease choked roads.

The move to encourage the public to walk follows a major campaign to get people to use bikes or public transport.

Bradford Council has come under fire from traders with its proposals to charge for the first time for 150 parking places in city centre streets.

The traders who say its "green" proposals will drive customers away.

Now the Council says it wants people to walk whenever they can.

Councillor Latif Darr, chairman of the Council's transportation, planning and design committee, admitted that cars were essential for some journeys.

Now Bradford, Calderdale, Leeds, Kirklees and Wakefield Councils have linked to draw up a joint pedestrian strategy.

But the individual authorities are expected to develop their own action plans.

Bradford's plan is likely to include:

making it easier to cross busy roads with casualty reduction-schemes and safe routes to schools

measures to reduce speed, the volume of traffic and bad driving

improving and extending footpaths and ensuring they are well lit, maintained and sign posted

taking account of pedestrian access and public transport links when planning new developments

co-ordinating community safety initiatives to restore public confidence in walking;

raising awareness about the benefits to health

Some of the funding is expected to be found from the Government's West Yorkshire Transport Package. But the rest is likely to be provided by the individual councils.

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