The first full-time public relations job has been created for someone to show the Bradford district in a positive light.

Bradford PR Group, which last year took the area's achievements to London, has teamed up with Bradford Congress to set up the post.

A salary of £15,159 is being offered to the successful applicant who would aim to raise the profile of good news stories about the area and get them into the national press.

Head of PR at Bradford University Sue Coffey said she and other members of the Bradford PR Group had struggled to spread the good news alongside their normal jobs.

"All the PR Group people have already got very stretched diaries."

A consultancy had been used to promote such stories but it was decided the money spent on employing them could be better used by funding a full-timer to work alongside experienced members of the PR Group.

She said: "It should be a lovely job. We would like to take on someone who wants to get out and about meeting lots of people and getting the stories. It will be very varied."

Charles Forgan, of Bradford Congress, said: "It's good for Bradford to put its best foot forward in the national media.

"The media tends to come to us to back up its own stereotypes and to try and put up something different is very helpful."

He added: "It's a good thing for Bradfordians to read about their good side in the national papers. It's good for their self-esteem and morale."

The group says the ideal applicant is a journalist or a public relations officer with several years experience on a newspaper. Application forms are available from the personnel department of the University of Bradford. Quote reference RPR1379/YP.

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