Police today appealed for help in naming a mystery man wearing designer shoes and clothing who was found dead on Ilkley Moor.

The middle-aged man also wore an expensive gold Gucci watch but had no money or identification on him.

His body was found by a walker at about 8pm on Wednesday, 200 yards from the main path in an area known as Spy Hill near the Dick Hudson's pub in Otley Road, Eldwick.

A post-mortem examination failed to establish how the man died and further tests are being carried out, although police are not treating the death as suspicious.

At a press conference today, detectives gave details of his description and clothing in the hope that relatives and friends might recognise him.

Detective Superintendent Stuart Hyde described the man as being white, aged about 40, 5ft 11ins, of slim build with greying brown hair.

He wore a grey sweatshirt with the words Washington DC Limited Edition and a pair of black Sherriff brand corduroy trousers with a 32 inch waist.

He also had on a white Thomas Pink of London shirt with hand-made silver collar stiffeners and a pair of Sebaco Docksides shoes in a size nine-and-a-half. Apart from the Gucci watch with a brown leather strap he had no other possessions on him.

Also found near the body were a pair of Italian-made Look rimless spectacles.

Detective Supt Stuart Hyde said: "These are all very distinctive clothes which somebody should recognise.

"We are appealing to walkers or anyone who may have seen this man on the moor or in the area to get in touch.

"We've checked the car parks around the area but we still have no idea how this man got there.

"Judging by this man's clothes he was not sleeping rough or setting off on a day long walking expedition.

"The clothes are all expensive designer makes. This is a man who has obviously got possessions and probably a home and a family.

"We think that he is likely to be local as he would have had to know the area well to be in that particular spot."

Detective Supt Hyde is also appealing to medical staff who might have recently treated a man matching his description for a possible heart complaint as eight plastic ECG clip-on pads were found on the man's chest and arms used on heart monitors.

They say the man had no injuries to suggest he had been assaulted and no-one else is being sought in connection with his death.

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