Charity workers have launched an appeal in a bid to save a holiday haven for needy youngsters.

Bradford's Children Action Rocket Enterprise (CARE) has been treating under-privileged youngsters to activity holidays in the country for years.

But an ageing portable building, used by the charity to help accommodate its young guests at Cottingley's Blackhill Scout campsite, needs replacing to make sure its work can continue.

Now the tiny charity has launched a £15,000 appeal to enable it to replace the portable building with a larger unit.

Thanks to the charity more than 40 children from under-privileged backgrounds, who couldn't otherwise afford a holiday, enjoy a break on the site each year.

The youngsters sleep in the portable building or in tents and also get a chance to try out exciting new activities such as clambering over an assault course and campfire gatherings.

CARE's chairman, Mark Smith, said: "These are disadvantaged children aged between nine and 13 from single-parent homes or whose families are on low incomes who can't go on holiday.

"Here they can enjoy a range of activities including assault courses, rope trails, camp fires and country walks."

Mr Smith added that nearly all the children visiting the site were reluctant to leave at the end of their stay - with the vast majority asking if they could return for another holiday.

But the charity - run by only a few people - relies entirely on donations to fund the annual ten to 15 holidays, which cost about £150 a time.

A recent street collection in Bradford city centre raised £175.55 for the charity and proceeds from another one in Shipley are still being counted.

But Mr Smith said the group was really hoping for local companies to step forward and help sponsor the new building.

Since it was founded in 1981 the charity has helped give hundreds of youngsters a break in the country and currently takes children nominated by half a dozen Bradford middle schools.

The building would provide bunk rooms for children and staff as well as dining and lounge areas.

As well as the holidays the charity also takes youngsters on day trips, catering for up to 80 a year. If you want to donate, ring Mr Smith on (01274) 541682.

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