Dozens of people who transformed the district with their own environment schemes have received a big "bouquet" from councillors for their efforts.

Now Bradford Council is likely to launch a similar "people power" project to celebrate the Millennium.

Dozens of people and groups got in touch with their area panels after the Council launched a Neighbourhood Challenge Project to mark Bradford's centenary.

They were invited to put forward their own "green" schemes and demonstrate how they could be carried out.

In return they received small grants to help them launch the projects and received advice on what to do.

The result is 70 successful projects ranging from improvements to school grounds to launching a tool library.

Officers reported on the major success of the pioneering schemes at last night's Agenda 21 sub-committee.

Chairman Councillor Keith Thomson said the idea was also being copied by other authorities across the country which were impressed by the achievements. He said the groups had received small grants to start them off with items like seeds and equipment.

"It enables people to get on and do things for themselves.

"It has shown people they could do things they thought they couldn't. They will now go on and do even more."

He said it proved what could be achieved with a little cash and a lot of effort.

Executive director David Kennedy said the projects had led to physical and lasting improvements in areas of the district.

The schemes included the creation of a butterfly garden next to Toller Lane police station as well as work by Beaumont Road residents to create a mural and land clean-up.

Work was also done on the development of a play and garden area around West Bowling Community and Advice and Training Centre; work by Saltaire Village Society to cover an eye-sore with plants and shrubs; and a project by Cullingworth Paths Association to turn abandoned land into a community garden area.

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