Italian caf boss Mario Delvecchio has really sur-pasta himself this time.

He and his staff have been awarded one of the highest marks in the country by the Good Caf Guide.

Mario's in Queen's Court, off Main Street, Bingley, will now be included in the latest edition of the guide when it is published next month.

Mr Delvecchio, 40, who runs the cafe with his wife Elvira, 41, said: "I'm absolutely gobsmacked. I keep reading the letter to make sure it isn't a wind up.

"I am very proud for a little cafe in Bingley to do so well. I am very lucky have such good staff."

Mario's was visited by judges from the London-based Good Caf Guide who travel around the country incognito searching for the best eating places to include in their annual publication.

Mario's was awarded ten out of ten marks for friendliness, ten for speed of service, ten for quality of food and drink, nine for value for money and nine for customer satisfaction, giving a total of 48 out of 50.

"They said to get 48 marks or 98 per cent was one of the highest ratings in the whole country," said Mr Delvecchio, who employs five part-time staff.

Originally from Caserta between Rome and Naples, he came to England 20 years ago when he decided to try his hand at the catering business in England.

"I love cooking. My life has always revolved around it. I used to work in high class hotels in Italy but I came to England because you could earn three times as much money," he said.

"I only came for a year or two to start with but I met my wife here and I am still here."

Mr Delvecchio began working as a waiter at Da Tonino's in Shipley before moving to Torquay to help run a restaurant. He then returned to Yorkshire to run a restaurant in Sowerby Bridge before opening Mario's eight years ago.

"We decided to come back to Yorkshire because we loved the people so much. They are very friendly," he said.

Pasta is very much on the menu at Mario's, but as well as serving Italian specialities, the caf has a reputation for Austrian and Ukrainian dishes.

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