A Shipley charity which has delivered aid to thousands of homeless Romanian flood victims may itself be forced to find a new home.

A shop operated by Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire at 2, Kirkgate, Shipley, has been put up for sale by Ilkley-based property developers Mitre Estates which took over the premises from Yorkshire Co-operatives on July 24 this year.

The charity, which leased the shop on a rent-free basis by the Co-op, has been given first refusal on buying the building, but fears it won't be able to raise the money and will be forced into moving to new premises.

Dr Kathy Tedd, JOY's co-director, said: "It's all happened very quickly and has come at a very bad time because we're due to go back to Romania at the end of the month.

"We're also planning to go over in September, partly because of the bad flooding, but also because we need to deliver aid before winter.

"Losing the shop is the equivalent of losing four to six lorry loads of aid and we're trying to work out what we can do next.

"We've been given first refusal to buy the shop and we did have a businessman interested in buying it on our behalf but nothing's been worked out yet. We may be forced to move premises and any charitable offer of alternative premises elsewhere in the centre of Shipley would be very welcome."

The charity has been operating in Shipley since 1989 and since then has concentrated on providing medical aid and physical support to Romania. The shop in Kirkgate acts as a co-ordination and drop-off centre for convoys going out to Eastern Europe.

A spokesman for Mitre Estates confirmed that two units, including the charity shop were being sold by the company.

The charity aims to send its next convoy of aid to flood-hit Romania on August 29 and is looking for a driver to help out with the mission.

"We're looking for a driver who would also be a craftsman," said Dr Tedd. "We also still need flour, rice, dried baby food and cooking oil."

Dr Tedd can be contacted on Bradford 531999.

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