A shopkeeper is demanding improved road safety measures on a Wyke road where he says "an accident is waiting to happen.''

Lee Roberts hopes his campaign and petition for a zebra crossing on Towngate will benefit the community who endure a daily battle to cross the busy street.

Bradford Council has pledged to look into the issue when it receives the petition.

Mr Roberts launched the campaign after witnessing several incidents where residents had to battle with traffic to cross the road to reach the bus stop or medical centre.

He believes it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident or death.

"Children are really dicing with death as they just run across the road and dodge the cars to get across.

"As for the elderly sometimes they can wait for anything from five to ten minutes trying to cross and no cars will stop for them. It really is an accident waiting to happen," he said.

He would like the crossing to be placed outside his shop so residents would have a safer journey to reach the bus stop and supermarkets.

Mr Roberts has organised a petition which he hopes will be backed by Bradford Council. Almost 200 signatures were obtained in one week and a Wyke councillor has already voiced his approval for the scheme. Councillor Tony Niland said: "Road safety is very important and anything that can be done to improve this for children and the elderly has my support."

Mr Roberts said he was delighted that so many residents were supporting his appeal. A Council spokesman said: "We would look into any matters raised within the petition when we receive it."

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