A WORLD famous photograph of an 'alien' on Ilkley Moor is being re-investigated using computer enhancement.

The photo, taken in 1987 by ex-policeman Philip Spencer, is being re-examined by Wharfedale UFO expert Nigel Mortimer.

The picture is widely regarded as one of the strongest pieces of photographic evidence that extraterrestrial beings are visiting earth.

Mr Mortimer told the Gazette this week that with help from colleagues, he was soon to complete an analysis of the photo, along with witness reports of the incident of the phenomenon, snapped near the historic White Wells Cottage.

Mr Mortimer said: "I have been trying to do this for years. We are also trying to get other people involved and will look at the evidence properly.

"I don't just look at the photograph on its own. There have also been reports of other phenomena in that area for years.

"The photograph has been digitised before a few times. It was done a few years ago in America and I have got copies of the information."

Mr Mortimer said that using the computer techniques, there was some change in the appearance of the figure in the photograph, which seems to have pointed ears and strange, big eyes. He added that he had an open mind about the authenticity of individual phenomena, but had an interest in its appearance in Ilkley and Wharfedale.

He said: "We are trying to prove that there is genuine phenomena out there that needs investigating.

"We will re-evaluate as much information on it as possible and perhaps someone else will take it forward.

"I was talking to some Americans last week and they told me that they regard this Ilkley case as second only to the Roswell case in the US as evidence of aliens."

Mr Mortimer has spent many hours investigating the evidence of bizarre phenomena.

He conducts tours of Ilkley Moor, showing interested parties the actual location of where the 'alien' was snapped, as well as other mysterious landmarks, such as the Swastika stone.

The famous photo comes from an area that over the years - in fact, ranging from Roman times into the modern day - there have been sightings of unusual things.

He said: "It really needs looking into again properly. I know at that particular site there have been sightings of other phenomena.

"I think there are things taking place on the moors."

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