Multi-millionaire Bradford businessman Barry Rubery - the new man at Huddersfield Town - is one of the 30 richest men in the country.

Yesterday Bradford-born Barry Rubery proved his roots are still in Yorkshire when he ended the rumours and finally ploughed some of his cash - he has an estimated £90 million fortune - into an £8 million deal with Huddersfield Town FC.

And the man who started a multi-million pound business in a spare room in Lidget Green, says he is looking to the future.

The shrewd 51-year-old who has a private jet, flew in from the Caribbean to wind-swept Huddersfield, bringing all his business acumen to the ambitious First Division Club, to introduce himself to his new "public" at a Press conference.

In 1982 Mr Rubery was a successful businessman, rising to become a regional sales manager for a shipping company based in Australia and New Zealand.

But that success was nothing compared to what he was to achieve over the next decade.

His rise to immense wealth began in the spare room of a house in a Lidget Green, a modest suburb of Bradford.

Life-long pal David Hood was dreaming of a world-wide business venture which would eventually blossom into a booming, global business making electrical components. The pair joined forces and the business moved to West Bowling before expanding into the famous Salt's Mill in Saltaire. Pace Micro Technology - which is now valued at more than £400 million - was born.

But in February 1997, Bradford-born Mr Rubery sold his stake in the business which catapulted him into multi-millionaire status. He sold half his shareholding for £50m.

Mr Rubery began to develop other interests in television and media-related companies, but never lost his love for football.

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