Child victims of domestic violence could be thrown a helpline if health bosses agree to finance a £47,000 project.

The Awakens scheme is part of at two pronged initiative by Keighley Domestic Violence Forum to combat violence in the home.

The lives of 2,000 children in Keighley are estimated to be blighted by domestic violence.

The project is backed by the Bradford joint finance domestic violence committee but Keighley DVF representative must present their case to the area health authority on March 24.

The forum has also launched a youth theatre project in conjunction with Greenhead School, Keighley, which will explore the impact of violence in the home.

The project - financed by £2,700 money from Keighley area panel - is also linked to an initiative to train teachers and youth leaders in domestic violence issues.

Ian Crosby, KDVF acting manager, said the bid to the health authority would secure funding to employ someone to co-ordinate the schemes.

"We hope to set up a programme where young children can feel safe to talk about what is making them frightened and what is happening in their homes.

"We want them to see that it is not their fault or responsibility. Often children carry the dreadful burden that they are causing their mum and dad to fight.''

He said many children got indirectly injured in the violent episodes because they tried to step in to stop the attacks.

The programme involving Greenhead grammar school, Keighley, was an attempt to explore violence among teenagers, especially young men.

"We want to show that people don't have to use violence to solve conflicts and that there are other ways for young men to show maleness."

The theatre project involved young people exploring the issue of domestic violence and producing a play which could then be taken to other schools in the area.

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