Homes in East Morton are coming close to being washed away, say their owners.

Recent downpours have put houses in Elm Grove at risk from flooding.

Leeds-based Tay Homes - which has started building 35 houses on land next to Street Lane - has been criticised for not heeding their flood warnings. Bradford Council, which earmarked the site for housing on its Unitary Development Plan (UDP), has also been accused of not listening to householders' views.

Elm Grove home-owners say the problem started when the top soil was stripped off the site last week. Heavy rain followed and water ran into a footpath and up to their back doors .

Tony Gill, of Elm Grove, says: "If we get any more heavy rain, we'll be washed down to Bingley."

Contractors working on the homes have put up an earth embankment to try and hold the excess water in.

Neighbour Grahame Webb says: "You could see it bubbling up through the clay. Although the contractors were good and put the embankment up straight away after being told about the water, it is only temporary. I imagine the problem will only get worse when they start laying concrete."

A Council planning spokesman says: "We have now spoken to and met representatives of Tay Homes and the contractors. They have assured us they will take action to solve the problem."

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