Parents of the Bradford Bulls junior cheerleading squad have started a campaign to reinstate their senior counterparts, the Bullettes.

Their action comes after it was revealed yesterday that the contract for the Bradford Bulls cheerleaders has not been renewed and choreographer Hazel Clay has been replaced for the coaching of the 16-22 year-olds.

Stuart Duffy, spokesman for the Bradford Bulls, denied that nine Bullette members were dismissed and said the dancers were welcome to audition for the new-look squad, which is part of a major revamp for pre-match and half time entertainment at Odsal Stadium this season.

Mrs Clay will continue to teach the 193 junior cheerleaders, who occasionally make an appearance at the stadium.

But angry mother Denise Kite, of Wibsey, said she was furious with the way the girls and Mrs Clay had been treated. "There is nothing like a woman scorned and I think the club will realise this," she said.

Mrs Kite said the action group had launched a petition.

She said: " A lot of the mums are doing different things in protest at the decision. Many of us were at the match on Sunday and were booing the new troupe. And we will continue to do so until the situation improves."

Mrs Kite said she was not impressed by the new troupe, who are trained by a dancer from Leeds.

"They could not even dance their way out of a paper bag. Our Bullettes were just so good at what they did and choreographer Hazel Clay worked so hard with them," she added.

Mr Duffy said the Bullettes were being given the opportunity to audition for the new squad and transport would be provided for rehearsals in Leeds led by a new choreographer called Emma, who teaches at the Intake High School in Leeds.

"This year we will have a series of new events including pre-match entertainment with shows featuring songs from Grease or Saturday Night Fever,'' he said.

"It is going to be exciting and the emphasis will be on crowd participation, giant inflatables and mini-rugby where hundreds of youngsters will get the chance to play in front of a crowd.

"We will also have a new compere."

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