A man was starting a six year prison sentence today after admitting the manslaughter of Bradford mother of two Janine Dolecki.

Stephen Tillet, 31, was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter by a majority of 10-2 at Leeds Crown Court.

Mrs Dolecki was found dead at her Bradford Moor home on January 31, 1998. She had been suffocated with a pillow and her throat was cut.

Sentencing Tillet, Judge Arthur Myerson, said: "This was in my judgement a bad case of its kind. This lady had done you no harm."

During the trial, the jury heard how Tillet had been offered accommodation by 40-year-old Dolecki at her home in Granton Street after Tillet was evicted from his home in Acton Street, Ravenscliffe, during the Autumn of 1997.

Mrs Dolecki had known Tillet - a single man with a seven-year-old son - for three years and they have previously lived in the same street but their relationship was purely platonic.

But on the day of her death, they had argued and Tillet "exploded", smothering Mrs Dolecki with a pillow and causing cuts to her neck and hands.

A blood-stained Tillet who, the court was told, had a personality disorder, was later found at Leeds Bradford Airport where he had walked from Thornbury roundabout, but was given a lift to Eccleshill by a policeman who said he not arrested him because he had no reason to suspect he had done anything wrong.

Officers were later called to Mrs Dolecki's home by worried friends Gina Battersby and Pauline Lawson.

Mrs Dolecki was found dead in the doorway of her bedroom with her face covered with a bloodsoaked bedsheet.

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