Telegraph & Argus readers have given a thumbs down to Yorkshire's new name of Phoenix which they will carry in this season's new National League.

And callers to our Phoenix hotline have been equally damning about the new orange kit the players will wear.

John Atkinson, of Leaventhorpe Lane, Bradford, was typical of many of our callers.

He said: I don't often agree with Freddie Trueman but on this issue certainly I do. The name is ridiculous and the colour is also disgusting.

"I cannot see the point whatsoever, we are tight, we are sometimes Yorkshire puddings, but we are certainly not Phoenix.

"Similarly, we are not orange. I like the traditional blue and gold of Leeds and Yorkshire which can look quite smart.

"The players will probably look more like Terry's chocolate oranges."

His views are supported by Donald Firth of Harrogate Street, Bradford.

"I am afraid the name Yorkshire Phoenix and the orange outfit doesn't appeal to me one bit. In fact it gives me the pip and I would suggest that an alternative better name would be Yorkshire Relish.

The club's decision has angered Peter Baren of Bradford Road, Shipley. He said: "Once again the club has shown scant regard for its members and if this ridiculous suggestion had been put to the membership it would have been rejected out of hand."

Sheila Hutchinson of Brantwood Oval, Bradford was another to attack the name.

"I think Yorkshire Phoenix is totally irrelevant to the Yorkshire Cricket Club and to Yorkshire in general. I just can't see why they didn't stick with Yorkshire Tykes."

There were some fans prepared to give the name a try like Darren Shaw of Brighouse.

He said:" I think Yorkshire Phoenix is a cracking name. Particularly if it is going to help attract a wider and younger audience. Thumbs up and well done to all those concerned."

And David Smallridge of, Ossett added: "I am pleased to see Yorkshire are at last taking the initiative and trying to brighten themselves up. We have all seen what's happened at Bradford Bulls. The name sounds good to me."

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