Cash pledges totalling £100,000 have been made by pupils, staff and businesses in a bid to help a school win language college status.

Holy Family School, Keighley, is now preparing to submit its application to education bosses at Whitehall.

It expects an answer in May in time to adopt the new status by September. If approved the £100,000 will be matched by Government money.

Additional cash is expected over the next three years, depending on pupil numbers.

The money includes £15,000 from former pupil Scott Adams, who runs a food supplements firm in Wigan.

And about 200 families have pledged £30,000 through the school's planned giving scheme. Cash promises have also come from local businesses and other community groups.

Head teacher Conor Davis said he was very grateful to Mr Adams and commended the community for its tireless efforts to raise the cash.

"This has been a mammoth exercise in community support that has proved phenomenally successful," he said. "We've had a marvellous response from the people of Keighley and so much of the money has come from small donations. That's helped us get there."

"This has proved a focus for the school and everyone has been so enthusiastic, especially the pupils, who are very aware of the bid and have been keen to support it.

"It has to be said there's no guarantee the school will be granted the status of language college.

"But whatever happens we intend to continue developing our links with the community and industry."

Meetings have been held with architects and computer companies on alterations, including the addition of a third floor to the Ryan block for new classrooms. Other plans include a scheme for individual tutoring, more books and language software.

Extra teachers are to be brought in for evening and weekend classes, as well as foreign language assistants to work in the school. New language courses could include Japanese and Urdu, said Mr Davis.

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