Mums on a Bradford estate who founded a group to help heroin addicts and their families are setting up their own drop-in centre - in a fish and chip shop.

If plans are approved by councillors next Wednesday, User Friendly will transform the former takeaway in Livingstone House, Thorpe Edge, into a caf where young people and their families can socialise and talk about their problems.

At the back of the caf will be a private office where addicts and their relatives can seek confidential advice, practical support and information on health problems in general.

A year in the pipeline, the group has already got Single Regneration Budget funding for the project, which it hopes will get rid of the stigma attached to drugs and drug users.

Treasurer Linda Funnel, whose 25-year-old daughter Sarah died from a heroine overdose last year, said: "We want this to be a resource for the whole community. We want to encourage parents to come and have a coffee so then they might build up the confidence to speak to us about other problems.

"This is about parents and the community taking control - instead of drugs controlling their lives they will be controlling the drugs." The group also wants to set up a telephone helpline in the centre, which it hopes will be up and running by the summer.

"If it can save one life it will all have been worth it," added the group's vice-chairman, Josphine Pinto.

The group is appealing for donations of office and decorating equipment or any other funds. Anyone who can help should telephone Bradford 786216.

Four other groups are also seeking accommodation at the meeting next Wednesday - Greengates Artworks group, Ravenscliffe and Greengates Association, Ravenscliffe and Greengates Community Forum and Ravenscliffe Christian Project.

Councillor Jim O'Neill, chairman of the Council's housing services sub-committee, said: "These projects are fine examples of how true regeneration can start from within the community. By everybody working together we can improve the quality of life for people in the area."

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