A brave family which has battled against the odds is facing fresh anguish.

Courageous mum Diane Metcalfe, 34, who has brought up five children including son Adam who was born with no arms, has already beaten cancer once.

But now the disease has returned and doctors have told her there is no cure.

Her devastated family are still coming to terms with the diagnosis as she undergoes a gruelling series of chemotherapy sessions at Bradford Royal Infirmary which they hope will put the illness in remission.

Meanwhile relatives are hoping the family of seven, who have never had a proper holiday, can go together on a break in the sun to Spain - but are struggling to find the money for it.

Her husband David, 48, of Arkwright Street, Tyersal, who has himself recently been diagnosed with angina, said it was terrible news coming on top of one tragedy after another.

His wife had undergone treatment for cervical cancer four years ago and doctors had given her the all-clear.

But she became ill in the autumn with a cough and back pain which was eventually traced to tumours on her lungs.

"Our luck has been nothing but bad," he said. "Adam was born without arms and Chelsey had a fit when she was 18 months old and she stopped breathing.

"We're not bad people or a bad family. I just don't understand it. All the family has pulled together - we're like a rock, we stick together.

"We've been together for nearly 18 years but only got married last July. One of the reasons was because when she had cancer it frightened me and I thought if anything happened to my wife I wanted to be married to her and it's ironic this has happened now."

Mr Metcalfe's brother Brian said it was another tragic blow.

They wanted the family to have a holiday abroad with relatives who live in Malaga but sending the seven of them away was expensive and they did not have much to spare.

"They've never really had a holiday since they've lived together and Diane would want all her family together," he said.

"It would be nice for them to have a break and get away from all this."

Anyone who can help can call Brian on (01274) 615090.

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