Canny canine Jess Jackson will be giving her two-legged rivals a run for their money in next week's Sutton Parish Council elections.

Jess, a six-year-old Border Collie, is standing for the Craven Representative of The Animal Population party.

But, because dogs aren't officially allowed to stand for election, she has been registered under the name of her owner, Andrew Jackson.

Jess is calling for designated areas for exercise, lower-placed dog bins and more dog loos while Andrew is concerned about new homes being built in Sutton.

Jess has become quite a household name among the villagers. She is recruiting voters through regular visits to the Black Bull pub and walks around the area, sniffing out potential supporters.

Andrew, 36, of Earls View, said the idea came about when he was told by a colleague to stand for election himself if he did not agree with the present parties. But he added: "I always knew Jess would make a better councillor than me."

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