Ilkley artist Graeme Willson believes a visit to the supermarket should be a truly cultural experience.

Mr Willson, along with assistant Nik Walford, has just completed three giant murals which will be suspended inside the front entrance of a brand new Morrison's store in Bradford.

There should be no question of any shoppers ignoring the murals as each one is 12ft by nine ft.

Called Weft and Warf, the oil paintings depict all aspects of Bradford including famous figures such as J B Priestley, but pay special attention to the city's manufacturing past.

However, Mr Willson, 48, is no stranger to such a challenge. This is the sixth piece of work the supermarket giant has commissioned from him.

Mr Willson and Mr Walford have been using a studio in the former Grove Convalescent Hospital in Ilkley. The pair have been working morning, noon and night to complete the project in only three months.

Mr Willson said: "I'm a great believer in public art, it can be life enhancing. Why shouldn't people's everyday surroundings like a supermarket be enhanced?"

The project has also allowed Mr Walford to provide his fiancee with a rather unusual engagement gift.

Helen Curruthers appears as a 'model' in one of the murals. Mr Walford said: "We've just got engaged and Graeme allowed me to paint her in. He's painted me behind her using a camera."

The paintings are now on display at the new store, based in Thornton Road, Girlington.

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