I was asked last week if I saw it as a newspaper editor's role to get so involved with the community.

It came in the wake of my accepting carrying on as chairman of the steering group looking at giving Keighley a new community voice.

The situation is this. In my career I have been privileged to be asked to join a number of organisations. At the outset I have always made it totally clear, and had it recorded in the minutes on a number of occasions, that I would have no hesitation in carrying reports of any stories which may be critical of the group or damaging to it if justified. In fact I always stress I will go out of my way to ensure the reports are carried.

The policy of the newspaper is quite clear.

That said, I do believe it is the job of any local newspaper to get involved with the community - be it the voluntary or business sector.

I also believe that a newspaper has a role in helping to shape the future prosperity of its circulation area.

That may be slightly mercenary, in that the more an area prospers the better this business will be.

We believe there's a dynamic future in store for this area. What is needed next is a reinstatement of pride in Keighley, and making sure it continues to move onwards and upwards.

For example, this week we have published our annual Summertime guide. It just shows what we have on our own doorsteps and why thousands of people are attracted to the area each year.

It would be easy to be cynical and knock the area. The challenge is to go out and tell the world just what is on offer in the district.

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