Life is all about choices. Quite often making that choice is difficult and the outcome may not be entirely to everyone's satisfaction. But the alternative is unpalatable.

Therefore what a refreshing change it is to report on the choice by St Anne's Social Club to open up equal membership to women.

The committee says it was spurred on by a change to diocese guidelines which advocates equal membership rights for both sexes.

But the base line was that the committee saw it wasn't the way to be going in this day and age. Even some wives had to be signed in by their husbands.

Instead of banging the drum and proclaiming it as an immediate breakthrough, club officials spent months working out the details and an action plan to ensure all was in order. The rules had to be clear, for example that full membership was open only to men and women who are practising Catholics.

Congratulations to all at St Anne's Social Club and to Liz O'Brien, who has earned a small but significant place in the local history books.

Sunnybank Social Club, Silsden - the choice is yours.Raise your glass to St Annes Club

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