A Keighley woman is unrepentant after "shaming" her father through the pages of a glossy men's magazine.

Donna Cooper, 21, appears scantily clad in the latest edition of FHM to fire a broadside at her dad in a "wrathful ladies" column.

It names Neil Beauchamp, now 39, who left when his daughter was just a toddler. Although he still lives in Keighley, the pair have never made contact.

Donna, a PA from Ingrow, approached the magazine after chatting with a friend.

She told us: "I didn't think I would get through and when I did I thought 'What the hell'.

"It's a very popular magazine. It's more of a compliment really to be this little Keighley girl in FHM. It was to prove a point. I wanted him to realise that he missed the chance to be proud of a good-looking, confident daughter."

Despite the fact that Donna is in touch with her paternal grandmother, she and her dad have never spoken.

"My grandmother asked me if I wanted to meet him but I don't really know yet. It's something I've got to think about," says Donna.

Neil - from Shann Park - told us yesterday that although he is not happy with the mag article, he would probably still be willing to be reunited with his daughter.

He says: "The first I knew about it was when somebody pointed it out to me at work when they saw my name. I wasn't very happy about it."

He says he and Donna's mother broke up when their relationship deteriorated.

"We just didn't get on. I haven't seen her mother since then," he says. He is unsure about meeting his estranged daughter but adds: "I'm not sure but obviously it's up to her and I probably would do it if she was okay for it."

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