A group of youngsters have urned themselves a place in history by burying modern-day items.

The children, all from a Bradford out-of-school club, chose some of their favourite items to preserve for future generations with the help of an underground time capsule.

But the Holme Wood-based Kidzone group chose a rather unusual receptacle in which to stash their artefacts - a crematorium urn.

The planned ceremony to bury the capsule should cause quite a stir on the estate as it will come complete with an address from a local vicar.

Rather than splash out on an expensive custom-made capsule, Kidzone approached an obliging local crematorium for a suitable container.

The Council-run Schole-moor site was more than happy to help out and handed over the free vessel.

The Kidzone group - which has outlets at the Rycroft Community Centre and Edward's Rainbow Centre - fully appreciates the value of being frugal as a lack of funds nearly shut them down earlier this year.

Deputy group leader Danille Dixon explained: "We are operating on a tight budget and it seemed a bit lavish to spend a lot of money on a proper capsule. The children know what the container was intended for. Some were a bit 'urrgh' to start with but everyone has really got into it."

The youngsters, aged to three to 11, have even decorated the urn with flowers and the club logo in preparation for the grand burial later this month.

Mrs Dixon said: "The idea to create a time capsule came during the last Summer holiday. We were the first out-of-school group to be formed in West Yorkshire and so we thought we should do something to be remembered by."

The urn will be placed in the grounds of the Rycroft Primary School where one of the Kidzone groups meet.

Overseeing the event will be the Reverend Gordon Dey of St Christopher's Church.

Mrs Dixon said he was to speak to the children about the significance of the new Millennium and how historical artefacts help shed light on the past.

Joan Ryder, Area Registrar for Bradford Cemeteries, said: "The school contacted us in their search for a time capsule and we were glad to provide one. If it helps the children and gives them a sense of their own history then we're very pleased."

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