SUNDAY's win was absolutely terrific the guys were red-hot, and I'm still recovering from the pace of it all.

It was probably our best defensive display of the season and that is where all the best teams lay their foundations for victory.

The tackling and our cover defence was absolutely superb.

Once the forwards have built the platform that is when Woody is able to cut loose and start working his magic in the space they have created. He is now putting all his skills into action, and the big difference between this season and last is the amount of support he is getting.

Every time he has the ball there are a whole string of players there ready to take advantage.

The one thing that really shows is the character in the squad -- confidence is absolutely sky high.

STEVE PICKLES had a fantastic game and if he can maintain that type of performance throughout the rest of the season he will be making a big impression in the league.

He would probably have been my man of the match, but in games like last Sunday's it really is difficult trying to pick out one individual.

With confidence at such a level, it might seem strange, but one of my most important jobs is to keep everyone's feet on the ground.

One minute your trying to build up confidence and then you have to make sure we don't get over-confident and let something silly slip.

Make no mistake this weekend's games will not be walkovers.

Friday night's visit of Hunslet will see them fired up to beat us. Trips to Cougar Park are always big games for the opposition and particularly for the Hawkes boys who will be up against their old buddies Dean Hanger and Graham Hallas.

Their coach David Plange will have his players fired up and Richard Pachniuk was last year's Northern Ford player of the season. We will have to keep a close eye on him at hooker.

After a shaky start they have had a couple of good wins and will be looking to perform well.

YORK will also be a bit of a handful and I will be using the squad to bring a few fresh legs into the team. It works in soccer and is something we are now able to adopt.

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