Demands for the veil of secrecy surrounding the continuing suspension of Bronte Parsonage Museum director Mike Hill to be lifted have been made by leading members of the Bronte Society.

Former society secretary Cathy Geldard has sent a letter to society council chairman Margaret McCarthy asking to know the reasons for the suspension which has been kept a mystery since it was revealed at the end of March.

She said: "I just said that perhaps we were entitled to know what was going on because it's very worrying. Members are wanting to know what is going on.

"Members are keenly interested in the society and of course it is world-wide so there is a huge amount of interest.

"Mrs McCarthy has assured me it is nothing to do with the Bronte collection and so that is quite a relief.

"But I cannot fail to see how we can avoid fireworks at the society's annual meeting in June especially if they have still not given an explanation for his suspension."

Her stance was backed by fellow vice-president Raymond Scatchard, a past council chairman

He says: "There's a lot of resentment about people being kept in the dark.

"People are coming up with all sorts of reasons for the suspension and they may be the wrong ones. That is why we are entitled to know what is going on."

Mrs McCarthy said: "It's a shame but all I am prepared to say is that it is an internal matter and we are still working to resolve it.

"It has taken much longer that I would have liked."

Mr Hill, who lives in Keighley, has not broken his silence since his suspension was revealed. He is believed to be out of the area.

The parsonage belongs to the members of the society in trust. The trustees are appointed by members who become the council of the society and who appoint staff.

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