ELEANOR Kitchen, aged 10, from All Saints' Primary School, is due to represent Yorkshire and Humberside in the finals of the British Regional Youth Competitions series in climbing on May 6 at the International Climbing Centre in Wales. She took part in the competition last year and came 11th in the national final in the girl's age group seven/nine.

This year she competed in Huddersfield, Hull and Leeds in the girl's 10/12 age group. She will be the only girl representing Yorkshire and Humberside in the final in Wales on May 6. She has climbed since the age of four with her father, also a keen rock climber. He has accompanied and indeed helped to judge in the three events held in the region this year.

The competition involves climbing three pre-set routes and five boulder problems. Points are awarded accordingly to how far up each route or boulder problem the young climbers achieve. It is a fun event for young climbers, aged between seven/15, sponsored and organised by the BMC.

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