AFTER a dazzling Centenary show the Cougar party is set to continue with an Easter Parade of talent which starts tomorrow with a Good Friday spectacular.

The Cougars get their show on the road against Hunslet Hawkes at 7.30, but before that there is a feast of international action with Under-16 and Under-18 touring teams from South Africa taking on West Yorkshire teams in an all-action afternoon of sport.

Rugby League is taking off in South Africa following the country's reawakening after the end of apartheid. One of the nation's most memorable appearances came at Cougar Park when they took on Fiji in a classic World Cup encounter.

Since then the game has been taken to the grass roots with former Cougar favourite Grant Doorey among the first to take coaching courses into the Townships, some of the country's most deprived areas.

Tomorrow's games take place in the afternoon with the Under-16's kicking off at 2pm and the Under-18's following at 4pm.

"We hope the fantastic Cougar supporters will turn up and make it a real day to remember for the lads from South Africa. It is a multi-racial touring party and we want to show them the kind of hospitality that their senior team enjoyed when they played here," said Cougar managing director Peter Rowe.

He added: "They got a taste for the game during the last World Cup and they have the same attitude to sport as the Australians, once they get their teeth into a game they just don't give up until they have got it right."

Cougar players outshone the brass band and fans in fancy dress as they gave a spectacular display of running rugby to mark the centenary with style.

They raced to a 66-6 victory over Barrow Border Raiders with the type of rugby slick handling which was last seen at Cougar Park when the club took the Division Two championship and Premiership play-off titles in the 1995-96 season.

"It certainly feels as if the good times are back at Cougar Park, and although there were over 2,000 fans down at the ground to celebrate, there are at least 2,000 more who were here regularly just a few years ago and we would like to welcome them back to help the team do even better this time," Peter Rowe said.

n The club's May Day fixture against Lancashire Lynx will now kick off at 5pm and not 3pm as originally advertised.

The Lynx share their home ground with Chorley soccer club and are not able to kick off earlier because of ground restrictions.

"It is not an ideal time because it is a Bank Holiday, but there were very few options," said Peter Rowe.

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