Remembering relatives' birthdays can be a problem for even the most organised of people.

But relatives of Pauline Lowe and her direct descendants don't have to worry as most of them share the same birthday.

Just as many people pass family heirlooms down through the generations, Pauline has passed on her birthday to both her daughter and grandson.

Pauline, of Wilsden, started the amazing sequence when she celebrated her birthday by giving birth to her eldest daughter Shelley in 1962.

Three decades on Shelley Sykes, who lives in Harden, completed the hat-trick by giving birth to son Callum on her 30th birthday.

And in between those happy events Pauline's sister, Christine Brett, gave birth to son Jamie - now 32 - on the same day of the year.

Shelley said the amazing coincidence had made July 29 an unforgettable date for family and friends and meant they never went without cards and presents.

And she believes sharing the same birthday as her mother and son - who has cerebral palsy and is now in plaster after an operation to straighten his legs - has given them a special, almost psychic, bond.

The family of Leos is now planning to write to the Guinness Book of Records in the hope it will document the feat.

Shelley, 38, said: "Everyone thought it was wonderful when I was born on Mum's birthday but when Callum was born on the same day everyone was speechless and couldn't believe it - the odds against it must be phenomenal.

"To have three generations born on the same day is definitely spooky and when I found out I was pregnant and due at the end of July I just had a feeling he was going to arrive on the same day.

"A couple of hundred years ago we'd probably have been burned at the stake as the 'white witches of Wilsden'!

"If Callum gets married and his wife's due around this time of year I'll definitely put money on the baby having the same birthday.

"Every year when our birthdays come round people say 'you should be in the Guinness Book of Records' and I'm definitely going to write to them now.''

She added: "Callum and I seem to be very tuned in to each other and, especially when he was younger, if I was thinking about someone I knew called Steven for example, he'd suddenly say that name out of nowhere which is a bit spooky.

"And when I was living in South Africa I was in a car crash and although mum was thousands of miles away over here she said she'd had a dreadful feeling something was wrong."

A Guinness Book of Records spokesman said: "It sounds pretty amazing and if they want to submit copies of their birth certificates and details of their claim we'll certainly research it.

"There are records showing people from four generations of one family sharing a birthday but there's no UK category so it's possible they could become the UK record holders.''

Dr David Jerwood, head of maths at Bradford University and an expert in probability theory, said the odds of one of Mrs Lowe's two children and one of her three grandchildren sharing her birthday were a staggering 22,387 to one.

He said if Callum went on to produce a first great-grandchild born on the same day the four generations of the family would have beaten astronomical odds of just over eight million to one.

And if all that was not enough Shelley's younger sister, Nichola Holmes, 36, of Bradley, was born on March 20, meaning she shares her birthday with their father, John.