WHEN you start hallucinating rabbits, think you're in a bowling alley or just forget how to do your job then you know there's something wrong with you.

But these were some of the stresses experienced by Fresh AM presenter Mark Reason as he attempted to stay awake for more than 100 hours.

Mark, the station's manager and breakfast show presenter, smashed the world record for the longest broadcast last week - raising thousands of pounds for the Skipton Christmas lights appeal.

But the five-days of non-stop music and chat didn't go without its problems. Between noon on Monday and 8pm on Friday:

* He dozed off in mid sentence and had to be prodded to keep awake;

* Started seeing cuddly toys moving;

* Thought he was broadcasting from a caf bar, bowling alley and someone's house;

* And was literally slapped around the face with a wet fish.

Mark's nightmare began last Monday when he kicked off the marathon broadcast at the station's Skipton studios.

During the record attempt he was put on a strict diet by nutritionist Peter Clark.

"It was mainly based around rice and wholemeal pasta, with lots of salads, fresh fruit and small amounts of meat, chicken and fish," he said.

Mark received regular health check-ups, with a doctor on standby. He was also banned from drinking coffee, and was allowed to take a short break every six hours.

"The first 48 hours were uneventful, apart from tiredness," said Mark. "But on Wednesday afternoon I lost my faculties. Simple tasks started to become difficult and I really didn't think I was going to make it.

"But everyone heeded his rallying call, including Amanda and Becky Watson from West Marton, who came in and literally slapped me across the face with a wet fish."

As his sleep deprivation continued, Mark had to be re-trained on how to use the station's mixing desk. Each day he was treated to a massage to keep him awake.

And his determination paid off, as he broke the world record of 104 hours by 14 minutes and 13 seconds.

"At the end it was very much like suffering from severe jet lag and I'm still catching up," added Mark."After my special diet I had a craving for sausages and mash."

If all the pledges come in, the stunt will have made £18,000 for the lights appeal.

Fresh AM is having a special on-air auction all day today (Friday) in a bid to bring in a further £2,000.

"If someone breaks the record before the next Guinness Book of Record is published I'll let them have the glory," said Mark.