Britney Spears could soon be belting out of the belfry under a revamp planned for the City Hall's clock tower.

The teen popstar and some of her chart-topping colleagues could have their tunes played on the city's famous bells courtesy of a revamp of the computer that controls the music.

And council tax payers could soon be sending in their own requests.

Some songs will not be ringing out over Centenary Square though - because they need to be played at a different speed or in the wrong key.

Trevor Barrett, Bradford Council's buildings manager, said: "We are governed by what can be played in the key G and by the speed of the notes so certain tunes do not sound as good as others."

The 13 bells are operated by a 20-year-old computer system which converts sheet music into a code which can be read by the mechanism which tolls the bells.

But Mr Barrett said the Council was currently looking at replacing the old computer system.

"We are hoping to replace it with something more modern, which is easier to programme tunes in so we can look at the top 20 and we can possibly play requests generally for the good of the city," said Mr Barrett.

But he said they hoped to carry out some research with Bradford University's music department on its viability before upgrading the system.

Nathan Darlington, who took over the role as clock manager from Bob Watmough, who retired last year after more than 40 years, said: "We have got a lot of tunes but we need some modern stuff and we are hoping to compile some new material."

But he said chart toppers Hear'Say may be a bit too up-tempo for the bells to cope with.

"We want a nice ballad although we will have a go at anything if it sounds right," said Nathan.

The Telegraph & Argus asked the people of Bradford what tunes they would most like to hear tolling from the City Hall bells.

Susan Clarkson said she felt the same old tunes were a bit annoying and didn't mind more modern tracks being played.

David and Josephine Booth, of Little Horton, said they were also happy for more modern popular tunes like Boyzone to be played out across the city.

But Steve Dulson, of Great Horton, said: "As much as I like listening to pop music, I don't think it will work with bells."

Workmates Kath Heald and Annette Bentley, both of Bradford, had different opinions.

Annette said she would like them to be quiet but Kath said she fancied a bit of Beethoven.

And Kelly Boyes of Eccleshill said she would like to hear Robbie Williams's Angels sounding out from City Hall.

"I think Rock DJ would be a bit too up-beat," said Kelly.

The district's councillors had their own thoughts on the best music to serenade the city.

Coun Paul Barker, (Con, Worth Valley), said he would like to hear Pink Floyd's Money played from City Hall.

"It is one of my favourite songs and it would also be an apt subject for local government," said Coun Barker.

Coun David Green, (Lab, Odsal), said: "I just wish it wouldn't go off in the middle of my speeches in City Hall!"