Health chiefs are set to discuss plans to build full detoxification and residential rehabilitation facilities for the district's drug addicts.

Bradford Community Health Council, the patients' watchdog, is driving forward proposals to create a unit at Bradford Royal Infirmary, which would be the first in the district to be run by the NHS.

A report has been drawn up by Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust and will be discussed by chief executives of health organisations next month.

The CHC plans follow months of consultation with addicts, and members are now appealing for support from health professionals, community groups and MPs.

Chairman of the CHC Drug and Alcohol Addiction sub-committee, Les Vasey, said: "This is the culmination of 18 months of research and evidence we have gathered from recent meetings with addicts in Buttershaw and Bowling.

"The testimonies we have heard confirms our initial research for the essential need for detox services in Bradford. We have received overwhelming support from a number of people, including drug users and carers."

Currently, users wanting to kick the habit are either treated at home under the care of a fast-response team of nurses or through private clinics and voluntary organisations.

Proposals for the 16-bed drug detoxification unit include accelerated detox programmes and a 'halfway house' for intensive rehabilitation lasting up to 18 weeks. Located near to acute patient services, it would be staffed by specialists and care for 675 patients a year.

But CHC acting chairman Karl Dallas admitted they were fighting an uphill battle.

"Professionals look at the reality of the situation and if it is not working, they change the strategy. In Bradford, it is not working, yet we get more of the same," he said.

Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust chief executive David Jackson said he intended to discuss the plans with other health chiefs on May 18.

Alison Richards, from Bradford's Drug and Alcohol Addiction Team, which co-ordinates services across the district, said that members would be examining the proposals through the normal process.