One of the Dachshund dogs owned by artist David Hockney and depicted in scores of his famous paintings and sketches has died.

Stanley was a constant companion to the celebrated Bradford-born artist and is also famed for being used as the logo of Salts Diner at Salts Mill, Saltaire.

Stanley, who was 15, died on Saturday and will be buried the garden of Mr Hockney's Los Angeles home.

Maggie Silver, the owner of the 1853 Gallery at Salts Mill and a close friend of Mr Hockney, said Stanley and his other dachshund, Boodge, were an important part of his life as well as featuring in his work.

"He loves his dogs when you are unmarried, as David is, your dogs become your best friends. They are loving whatever the circumstances," she said.

"He painted them in various guises, sleeping on cushions, which his dogs were very fond of doing, or sometimes more alert, running and walking."

"Stanley was always very well behaved and was a marvellous subject for paintings because he always kept so still and was willing to curl up and have a nap."

"Obviously David is very upset but he is realistic because Stanley was 15-years-old."

The Saltaire gallery put on an exhibition focusing on pictures of the pets in the early 1990s and it proved so popular, people even came along bringing their own Dachshund dogs.

Nigel Kay, who runs Salts Diner, said the dog had been adopted as the restaurant's logo after Mr Hockney doodled his picture on a napkin.

"Stanley is on almost everything in this diner and he is very popular. We sell lots of souvenirs with him on to people," he said.