Elderly Muslim men from Manningham dined with white youngsters from the Holme Wood estate at a special meal for peace last night at the Balti Chef restaurant.

The invited group of 40 people, from across the city but of different cultures, was invited for the free meal, the only condition being that they sit down and speak to one another.

Balti chef boss Javed Bashir thought of the idea after reading Lord Herman Ouseley's report into race problems in Bradford.

"I am very happy that there are people from Holme Wood and Manningham here," said 32-year-old Mr Bashir.

"Some of the people from Holme Wood have told me they have never really talked to an Asian before so it is good to get the dialogue started. I hope it continues from here and we see more openness between communities. We all live in the same city and we can live in peace and harmony."

The Council for Mosques and Holme Wood Activity Centre contacted local residents and informed them about the chance to meet and eat at the restaurant.

Vicky Harrison, 19, from Holme Wood, said: "I came because I wanted to meet other people. I don't want what happened in the riots to happen again. We have to get to know each other."

Sarah Burnside, 15, said: "I want to learn about Asian people, I don't know that much at the moment but I want to find out."

Bary Malik said he was delighted with the initiative. "At last we are seeing people come together, the real people who matter, the people who have directly suffered as a result of the riots,'' he said.