Bradford's famous crisp manufacturer Seabrook is finding some fashionable new fans being sold alongside cheeses and chocolate.

The brand, renowned throughout the north for its crinkles and use of sea salt, is being stocked by an upmarket delicatessen in London.

Flaneur food hall, suppliers of fine chocolate from Genoa and rare continental cheeses, is one of the first venues in the capital to sell the snack.

Food buyer for the store, Zeenat Anjari, first tried Seabrook crisps when she was studying in Leeds.

She said: "We do stock a lot of specialist foods from around the world, and Seabrook is a very specialised type of crisp which just happens to be from Bradford rather than Paris.

"There are other specialist crisps around but they tend to be a bit fussy and just not as good. A lot of people from the north work in London and they tend to come in and say 'my God! You've got Seabrooks!', and stock up.

"But the brand is becoming more popular down here, too - it is selling very well."

The company was started during the second world war by fish and chip shop owner Charles Brook who was later joined by his son Colin.

It now employs 300 at its factories in Allerton and Girlington, producing 576,000 packets in 17 flavours daily, using 70 tonnes of potatoes.

Still a family-run affair, the business is keen to widen its appeal - but only on its own terms.

General sales manager Jerry Illingworth said: "The north is obviously our stronghold but we are striving to become a nationally aware brand, although that's not easy with big companies like Walkers dominating the marketplace.

"London is a very difficult area to break into, so it is encouraging that places like Flaneur have become customers, and it shows we are making inroads into the south.