Children are battling for a school crossing on a "notorious rat-run" in Bingley after a car narrowly missed a lollipop man.

Priestthorpe Primary School pupils, pictured with head teacher Toni Killingray, have to cross Mornington Road from the school's annexe to the main site several times a day for assemblies and playtime.

But teachers and parents fear a child's life could be at risk unless traffic-calming measures are installed. They are appealing to Bradford Council for road markings and a crossing. Yesterday children staged a protest outside the school and waved placards stating 'speed kills' and 'we are not irreplaceable' at passing motorists.

Angela Coulton, whose 11-year-old daughter Claire is a pupil at the school, said she was worried about the speed of the traffic.

"It's ridiculous how fast cars go along there," she said. "It's a notorious rat-run and we hope to see something done soon before a child is killed."

Teacher Sharon Day said about 80 children are crossed over Mornington Road numerous times a day.

"The road is very busy and it's only going to get worse when the relief road is completed as a major junction will be at the end of Mornington Road," she said.

"There are no signs telling motorists they're approaching a school and we need yellow zig zags outside both buildings to stop people parking. We're not doing this just for the schoolchildren, but also for all children who live around here."

Richard Holmes, chairman of the school's governors, said the caretaker Mark Dobson, who was trained as a crossing patrol officer, was almost hit by a car.

"It was a near-miss and something we wouldn't like to see happen again, we're desperate to get a crossing" he said.

"Once the new school extension is finished we won't be needing the annexe but the crossing will benefit everyone living around the school."

Mr Dobson said: "It's quite a dangerous job stepping out into that road at times as cars often speed.

"Last week I almost got run over when a motorist was going far too fast.

"The main problem is that drivers are not used to us having a patrol here, but it would be so much easier if we had a permanent crossing."

A Council spokesman said: "We are fully aware of the concerns of parents and governors and are currently working with the school to produce a School Travel Plan.

"This will help us attract funding and put in place an appropriate scheme to improve student safety on this section of the road.

"Shipley Community Area Panel has allocated £5,000 towards a Safer Routes to School scheme, which we will be able to access once the travel plan has been submitted.

"This plan should also help attract any additional funding that may be required to develop a relevant scheme on Mornington Road."