A Bradford woman is hoping that public pressure will help to send her to paradise.

Joanne Lee, 24, of Shipley, is bidding to become the next member of Channel 4's reality TV show Eden - and hoping that viewers will vote her on to the exotic series this week.

PR worker Joanne, pictured, is one of three contestants up for election to the programme when it is broadcast tonight, Thursday and Friday. If she wins she will fly to the east coast of Australia where she will become part of the Eden community whose lives are controlled by the viewing public and Internet users.

Joanne decided to apply after becoming addicted to watching the antics of the contestants who are already on location.

If she is voted as the show's winner at the end of the series she could net a prize of £10,000. She said: "I just thought it was a really interesting show to watch and then I thought why shouldn't I go for it? This is my chance to do something exciting."

But Joanne said she could never have gone on other TV reality shows like Big Brother and Survivor. "This is nothing like Big Brother," she said. "I don't think I'd like it on Big Brother - it all looks too enclosed and claustrophobic for me.

"Eden's different because it's all out in the open and in a fantastic paradise-like setting. I'm really into the outdoors so this is perfect for me.

"It will be really weird having people watch my every move on TV but it's something I'll have to get used to if I'm voted on."

Viewers can e-mail suggestions and tasks for the Edenites to perform as well as voting on what food rations they receive and also who gets to stay and go in the camp.

Show producer Eve said Eden was planned to be the ultimate reality show.

She added that the Eden camp was like a Garden of Eden, built in a clearing set in dense tropical forest and surrounded by wildlife, ravines and waterfalls.

Anyone who wants to vote to send Joanne to paradise should visit the website at www.chan nel4.com/eden.