A Bradford arts project which helps people develop a career in music, based on different cultural sounds, is banking on the Capital of Culture bid to secure its future.

The Community Self Awareness Project develops creative talents, then teaches people to express them through recording and performing music. The result is a fusion of cultural sounds and traditions.

It is so successful that Bradford's Employment Services refers people onto it. But founder Moses Ekebuisi is having to turn people away - because of lack of funds.

"There's a lot of talent in Bradford - we help people make a living out of it," said Moses.

"Pop music today isn't just Western music, it's a combination of different cultural sounds.

"We create a fusion of musical sounds and ethnic influences - Asian, African, classical, anything. We teach people skills to develop their talents, then find work in the music business. One of our musicians has just recorded a CD."

Through the Project, musicians learn to combine different sounds creatively through studio technology, and how to perform it.

Moses is working with folk musicians and is involved with a project bringing Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to Bradford. He works in schools, colleges and community centres. He has also worked with the Royal College of Music, which enrolled people from the Project.

"Some of these people don't have jobs, but they have a talent which we recognise and develop. They go on to take courses - sometimes degrees."

But apart from a small Council grant the Project has no funding. It has set up a studio at Bradford's Woolston House.

"It's so important that Bradford goes for Capital of Culture - not just to show the talent here, but to bring investment in for projects like us," said Moses. "Funding would enable us to become a self-sufficient organisation."

Anyone who would like to help, or wants to know more, can ring Moses on (01274) 407237.