In 1881, Tsar Alexander II was killed when a bomb was thrown at him in St. Petersburg

In 1894, the first professional striptease dance was performed in a Paris Music Hall.

In 1930, the planet Pluto was discovered.

From the Telegraph & Argus of March 13th, 1977...

An 11-year-old boy has been admitted via casualty to the intensive care unit at Bradford Royal Infirmary with a clinical diagnosis of rabies. He died two hours later. But Bradford District Community Physician, Dr. Michael Priestman, said today there was no danger to the public from the disease.

From the Telegraph & Argus of March 13th, 1952...

For a long time Odsal Top has been something of a nightmare to motorists and pedestrians, who have had to thread their way through traffic which has come from six roads converging at this point. And, when Bradford Northern were at home the pedestrian who wanted to cross took his life in his hands. Now a roundabout is taking shape at the trouble spot, and the uneven cobbles which led up to the "Top" are being covered with tarmacadam.