Bradford has fallen in line with Leeds, London and Manchester with the launch of Bradford Young Professional Society.

The society, launched at The Old Bank on Market Street, aims to give younger professionals in Bradford the chance to network.

The society was the brainchild of Vicky Fryer, a partner at chartered accountant Naylor Wintersgill and Melanie Johnson, assistant manager business development at The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Ms Johnson said: "What we are hoping to do is introduce a networking club for the young professionals of the city, everyone in their daily business life needs to know people and we hope that by setting this up we will assist them."

Ms Fryer said: "We targeted 70 firms in all for the launch, through both our own contacts and the Yellow Pages.

"We had a great response and people have told us that this was sorely needed in Bradford, we have seen young professionals from banks, solicitors, accounting firms and financial services at the launch."

The society, which will hold a meeting every second Friday in the month at the pub, had its launch sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland.

Next month solicitors Gordon Cranswick will sponsor the event.

Tim Hill, marketing manager for the Bradford-based firm, said: "Its great to see someone taking the initiative, businesses are helped by networking so an idea like this is perfect for Bradford's young professionals."

Ms Fryer added: "We found that it was very difficult to meet people from our age range as we are always meeting our peers contacts.

"We wanted to get a club going with a simple format, so young professionals could meet at 1pm on a Friday, have a drink and meet each other, no speeches, talkers, just networking."

Tim Nelson, business manager for NatWest in Bradford, said: "We have never had anything like this before even though other major cities do. It's a great idea.''