A cancer sufferer today said she and her two foster daughters were under siege in their Keighley home.

Yobs petrol-bombed Pam Sutton's car last night as it stood in her drive in Braithwaite Drive.

She claims she is being victimised by a teenage gang who want her and her foster daughters out of the semi-detached house.

Mrs Sutton, 56, who is suffering from spine and lung cancer, said that she and her 42-year-old "daughters" who are both mentally and physically disabled, are under siege.

Keighley police are investigating the attack on the Vauxhall Astra. It is understood a petrol bomb was thrown threw a back window.

It is the second petrol bomb attack the family have suffered, according to Mrs Sutton.

Eight months ago another Vauxhall Astra which the family owned was set on fire and destroyed.

"We've been living like this for months. This gang want us out," she said. "The house has been daubed with paint and my "log cabin" in the back garden that girls use in the summer has also been set on fire.

"This gang call out obscenities and say they don't want to look at the girls. I've kept this away from the girls for their sake. The only reason I am managing is for them - otherwise I would crumble."

In this latest incident, the attackers smashed a security light before torching the car.

Today a spokesman for Keighley police said: "We are investigating this incident and are aware of the problems she is facing. At this stage we can say no more."