A GROUP of talented youngsters are set to perform at Disneyland Paris this summer - after they were spotted performing in Yeadon.

Youngsters who attend the Centre Stage Academy in Rawdon have been plucked from virtual obscurity for their dream trip which will give them free passes into the theme park itself for three days.

Carol Bicker, who formed the academy at Greenacre Community Hall only two years ago, said that she did not really know who it was who had recommended them.

"We were performing at Yeadon Town Hall and one of the pupils had a family member who was watching.

"They brought a friend along from France, who, after the show, contacted a London promotions company.

"Next thing I knew, this company contacted us and asked us to go to Disneyland Paris on Bastile Day on July 14.

"It was just so out of the blue.We never knew this mystery man was there .I don't know if the man was actually French.

"At first I thought it was a wind up. I was amazed, but also very happy."

Ms Bicker, who is manager at Lloyds TSB Bank in Otley, said the success of the 90 or so children who are going to EuroDisney was amazing given that the group has only been running two years.

"Normally it takes years to reach such a high standard and this is a great achievement after such a short length of time. It's incredible to get a call like that.It is a great opportunity for the kids. We will be performing at the Fantasy Theatre in the theme park and it's like a dream come true for some of them."

The group, which ranges from six to 20-year-olds, will be performing a mixture of show tunes and pop songs.

Other notable achievements include some of the children performing for the Queen when she visited Bradford a couple of years, some pupils performing in Barcelona with Opera North and a date at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Some of the pupils are also busy auditioning for television work.

The youngsters are now busy fundraising to finance the journey over there which will see some travel by EuroStar, fly or make their own way there by car.

Ms Bicker said that they are busy planning beetle drives and other fundraising events like a sponsored dance-a-thon.

They are also preparing for their next show, the Wizard of Oz, which will be held at Yeadon Town Hall later in the year.

l More details on the group are available by calling (0113) 2029020.